Mobile Web Design

In developing nations the mobile web has already surpassed desktop/laptop based internet usage. Although the U.S. is not fully saturated you yourself can see how mobiles sites are taking over. Be it during a commute, or the sudden need to look something up while arguing with friends, our cell phones give us access to a wealth of information.

Eventually these mobile sites will become the primary way of people to find you just as your regular website is now.

When developing a mobile web site we recommend focusing on the convenience of your users. Why would someone come to your web site from their phone? For some quick information? To find your contact details perhaps? Maybe you offer a service, so how about letting them book an appointment.

When creating mobile sites we focus on supporting the greatest number of form factors (iPhone, iTouch, Android) in the most cost effective manner. Using HTML5 techniques we can recognize the size of your user’s device and resize information accordingly.

Even if your project is not specifically catered towards mobile devices, the way we work by default ensures that your site will be functional at the least on platforms like the iPhone, iPad, modern Blackberry phones, and Android devices. That is because we use XHTML / CSS, HTML5, and jQuery — all open platforms. When technologies such as Adobe Flash are needed we always program in a “fail back” work around so visitors will never see a blank screen.

We’d love to hear what you have in mind!

In order to provide excellent DC mobile apps development services we are a firm committed to listening, and building online tools that are simple to use. That begins with a meeting to layout a step by step approach to create a proposal that addresses your needs. Call us now, or if your organization is located in DC we can arrange for an in person meeting.